Friday, April 10, 2009

hot off the press-- TEQUILA

Let's dispel those thoughts that a night of tequila drinking results in a "morning-after" popping aspirin to rid of the horrible headache. Not if you drink 100% agave tequila! FINALLY after much (very fun) research my new tequila book is making its splashy debut! Research consisted of trips to the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico to visit the best distilleries, rounding up the most passionate tequila bartenders in the country to give their favorite tequila cocktail recipes and adding another 25 food recipes including tequila! You have to try the Prado,-- an icy cold cocktail, airy and light, with a heavenly foam that crowns the glass. Or the crispy Chorizo Handpies with saffron, tomatoes, olives, cumin and a good dose of blanco tequila!. And for dessert, the Coco Loco Tequila Cupcakes, rich and moist with lots of coconut and ginger! This is an adult-only cupcake providing enough kick to make you feel like you're on vacation south of the border.

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Chef Gwen said...

Tough research for sure! We've had two new tequilas come on the market here in AZ recently. Both hand crafted, and "local" although the tequila is actually produced in Mexico. Wondering if you came across them in your travels? One is called Cruz, the other Tequila 3 Amigos.