Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 days to go

You wonder where I've been this week? Pre-occupied and kind of ... How should I say it? Nervous!?

People have been asking me for months if I'm nervous. "Are you nervous?" "Are you nervous?" they'd say. I'd roll my eyes and say to myself, what do I have to be nervous about? Then last night it hit me. In just a few days I'M GETTING MARRIED. Ten days to go! YUP, I'm nervous!

So if I'm a little bit more absent (and absent-minded), I've got a good excuse! Right now I'm doing all the last minute stuff before the big day. So hang in there, more details to follow. I promise to write as soon as I have a minute. And yes, I will post a picture of the dress!!!


Anonymous said...

I am a past participant in a couple of cooking classes you gave at Sur La Table in Los Gatos, and enjoyed them, AND you, immensely. I hadn't heard before that you were getting MARRIED, so I just want to tell you how thrilled and happy I am for you.I do wish I could attend some of your wonderful classes and/or join you on your fabulous trips, but just want you to know that I do enjoy your newsletters, and now your blog. Keep it up...and once again, all good wishes to you and your special guy. (I didn't see his name anywhere!)

Ciao, Lani

Amy Sherman said...

Aw, don't be nervous! Joe is a sweetheart and you two seem very happy together. Looking forward to seeing the dress and the menu.

Barbara said...

Congratulations to you both!! I remember when you were first getting together -- I was on your cooking tour to Provence. Joe had come along with you! I can remember how in love you both were!! Barbara Safranek
(Oct. '06)

The Italian Dish said...

So happy for you - congratulations.

Lynn said...

Congratulations. You're a great looking couple!

Agavegal said...


I just did a blog on your Tequila book on my blog. go to the blog.

God bless your marriage. I look forward to meeting you sometime and share our love of Tequila.

Anonymous said...


I enjoy watching your show, on public television very much! Maybe one of these days, you'll have a cooking class somewhere in Dallas, Texas, then I'll definitely make a point to visit you, in person!

Hope to see your wedding pictures and thanks for all the wonderful inspirations you have been spreading!

Thomas Thiel said...

What an exciting time ahead for you both! I will be at the Tequila Book event September 20th and will look forward to hearing about Greece.
I was at the Wine Country Cooking event at The Left Bank and Ramekins demo and LOVED it!

sglawler said...

Went to my first cooking event at Draegers in Blackhawk and LOVED it and frankly thought you were just wonderful - the same person I see on KQED every Sat. I am a faithful watcher of your tv shows, collect your books and love your simple yet unique and delicious cooking style....and now I am a tequilla fan!!

I know your wedding was a beautiful event and I wish you and your husband years of much happiness and good health. Have a wonderful trip to Greece and please post some wedding pictures for your fans to see when you return. Enjoy your trip home to visit with your family (I am from the Boston area and miss that part of the country). And as our beloved Julia would say.....Bon Apetite.