Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Official: I'm Married!!

I have never in my life had a more wonderful evening. And so many of our guests said the same! Enchanting, magical, and romantic were just a few of the adjectives we all used.

It started with a cocktail reception where Joe and I mingled with everyone for an Orange Aperol Sun as the sun was just settling in the western sky over Mt. Tamalpais. I was so nervous until a dear friend Carla reminded me that I needed to breathe. She was right, I'd forgotten.

The ceremony began with me circling Joe 3 times and continued from there with a very special tribute and blessing from my Mom who couldn't be with us. It was delivered by my 9 year old great niece. She did brillant job. The ceremony was performed by our close friend, the Reverend Tim McDonald. AKA my best wine pal. Joe had a continuous tear. I was either crying or smiling. Joe's daughters, now my stepdaughters, were very much a part of the ceremony with a prayer, a love poem by Pablo Neruda (my favorite poet) and blessing of the wine. Our vows and then mazel tov! Husband and wife as Joe smashed the glass!

Seal's "Love's Divine" played and I was walking on clouds holding my glass of rosé champagne!

Dinner was so my style. Tasha from Olive Green Catering who does all the cooking for Alice and Chez Panisse catered the dinner. Jared from Picco was on hand to slice salumi for all the tables.

I have never heard so many toasts. So heartfelt, so emotional, so joyous. And I was still either crying or smiling or a combination of both.

And my idea for the cake.... Good friend and Delfina pastry chef, Koa Duncan, made a lovely almond wedding cake layered with roasted peaches and dreamy buttercream, one for each table. We all cut the cake together.

Hours of dancing to the sounds of DJ Lamont. We danced to the stars, the moon and the smiles Joe and I were still wearing long after.

When I went to bed that night in our suite at the Four Seasons, my cheeks ached from smiling so much!

Words cannot express the happiness and love I am feeling. Off to Greece for our honeymoon!


Kalyn said...

Congratulations! It looks like everything was just perfect.

The Italian Dish said...

I'm so happy for you. What a beautiful day - and I love your red dress!

Anonymous said...

congratulations to both of you, glad your beautiful weddingwent great!!

Anonymous said...

Joanne congratulation to you and your husband on this very special day of your wedding day

ornella said...

so happy you are so happy....the idea of a cake on each table it was so great as you are.....

ornella, from the middle of harvest time....and waiting for the white truffles...


sharon said...


i made the blueberry, brown butter (now, that's alliteration) tart. the crust was incredibly flaky. and the blueberry flavor was on the mark. the custard filling w/the baked berries was definitely to live for. this one is a keeper, and i'm thinking of all the other fruits one could use.

and by the way, mrs. joe, congratulations ! live, love and laugh ever after !


mai-ling said...

I'm so happy for you!
I'm getting married in two weeks
and I can't wait. Small, intimate and simple but laid back.

I love your dress!

I'm wearing a Chinese style stress in a deep red, similar to yours.

Have great fun in Greece!

Shelley said...

Joanne, I'm kvelling for you! It's all so lovely, including you in your gorgeous red dress. That's part of the fun, you can wear what you want the second time around!

Much mazel and years of happiness to you both.

All the best, Shelley

[And if he has any nice friends, Jewish or otherwise, you know it's a mitzvah if it's a match! ?:^) S]

pamelaltieri said...

i'm so happy for you and Joe. I wish you the best.... wow what a gorgeous dress, and you looked, pam

Patty-Jo said...

I am so happy for you both - enjoy

Andrea said...

Oh Joanne, what a lovely ceremony. Thank you for taking the time to give us a small snapshot of this special day. I love the individual cakes on each table. They look gorgeous! As did you. Congratulations to you and Joe. Wishing you both continued happiness.

Anonymous said...

I am just an unknown reader who craves taking your class--someday! I challenged myself to enter 2 pies in the state fair last week (as it has always been a struggle for me to make
a decent pie crust!) and you can only imagine my surprise when I picked up my pie pans with a blue ribbon for my peach pie!!! I finally feel like I can
make a pie, at the old age of 58. I hope to meet you someday and enjoy one of your classes.
Congratulations on your marriage and
your dress is dynamite!
Catherine S. in New Mexico

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
How very happy I am for you. Your joy just bubbled off the screen. Many, many years of happiness. Hope to take one of your classes soon.

neenm said...
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neenm said...

Joanne - it is so wonderful to see you so happy! You probably don't remember me but we sat next to each other on a plane home to SF from Australia. Neither of us were in the best of places - but you struck me as so fun, intelligent, talented and just plain cool. You helped me see things right side up. Just to jog your memory - my friend had ditched me in New Zealand for some guy and I was traveling around. Anyways - I wish you the best and congratulations! I hope our paths cross someday again!!

Joanne Weir said...

Thanks everybody. You've been so sweet!

Amanda Davis said...

Congratulations Joanne!! We could not be happier for you both! I'm not sure if you remember J. and I from our trip with you to the Veneto in 2005. But we will never forget you and the amazing time we had getting to know you.

With much love,
Amanda and J. Davis
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne, how long have you lived out there in Frisco? I've always wanted to see California. You are so lucky. I live in Hammond Indiana and I wish some day to move out to California. I enjoy your show. Marissa

Joanne Weir said...

Thanks Marissa

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Darn it!
I wanted to marry you, Jo!
You are lovely inside and out!
All over!!
If things "change" with your love life, MAKE CONTACT , Gorgeous! ��