Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tasty awards

The first annual Tasty Awards in Ess Eff were held on Thursday honoring and celebrating the year's best achievements in food and fashion programs on television, in film, and on the web. And I loved it! So here are the words that come out of my mouth as I stepped on stage being honored for "OUTSTANDING PASSION!"

"Oh, I love getting awards, I have to admit it!
Yes, I'm always speaking in superlatives. I'm always excited about something!! At least that what everyone tells me. In my classes and on my TV show, I'm always saying, "I love this..." or "This is my absolute favorite..."
But it's true, I absolutely love the art of food and wine...
So it's wonderful to be standing here tonight and be honored for that very same passion.
And speaking of passion, hey Bobby Bognar (history channel), you just had a baby, right?
Well, I have a brand new fantastic, wonderful ever-passionate husband, Joe Ehrlich, and I'd like to thank him! New baby, new husband....
I'd also like to thank my director, Paul Swensen, and A La Carte Productions and my wonderful, incomparable business manager, Mariangela Sassi.
Thank you!"

Did I use enough superlatives?


OysterCulture said...

Congrats, it was a lot of fun watching you accept the award, and frankly in those situations I think excessive use of superlatives is required.

Aurelio Barattini said...

My congratulations about your success!!
I don't have watch the award because in tuscany don't arrive the U.S.A.tv signal :-) :-)
Ciao Joanne