Wednesday, April 28, 2010

chocolate cake redux

It all started very simply on my 6th birthday...
A cake I love,
A recipe of my mother's.

Fast forward many, many years
AARP asks a now "matured" 6 year old for her mother's chocolate cake recipe.

Recipe is published and creates quite a "stir..."

"Hey, let's have a little contest and ask for photos of the cake," I said.

The rest is history!

I got many chocolate cake photos and lots of reinforcement that yes, the recipe is foolproof. I'm happy you like the cake!

Thanks to all of you for your photos and participation.

To see the winners of the Chicago Metallic cake pans, go to my Facebook Fan Page


seasontotaste said...

I love that cake on Paul Smith china

Debby Poe said...

I had the pleasure of tasting this wonderful chocolate cake last night at
Let's Get Cooking. It was moist & delicious. I can't wait to make it.