Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I'm being blatantly honest... I am so obsessed with potato chips that I can't even buy a bag. If I was to perform such a blasphemous act, those damn potato chips would be calling my name all day long as I peck away on my computer or cook at the stove. I can't even have them in the house.

This past weekend Joe "surprised" me and bought a bag of Kettle One "baked" potato chips dusted with sea salt. I can't even talk about it knowing that there are still a few crumbs at the bottom of the bag sitting in the trash. I obsessed about that bag of chips that screamed my name until they were gone. I know I have a problem.... It's my weakness, my downfall!

I'm now on a potato kick! (I have Joe to thank for this.) A few months ago, Tefal sent one of those Actifry machines from France. You've heard of them. Supposedly you can fry a whole batch of french fries with one tablespoon of oil. Yes, I repeat, ONE tablespoon of oil.

I'm going to try it out right now.... I'll let you know...


Russ said...

I love those chips! What was that commercial: "you can't have just one"? I also fell in love with Cape Cod Potato chips as well.

Kevin said...

I have a Saratoga Chipper hanging on a wall - a sort of three-bladed mandoline for making potato chips that my mother found washed up on a North Carolina beach some 50 years ago.