Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day of the Dead- a time to celebrate lost loved ones.

When I was a kid I always dressed up like a hobo for Halloween.  I smeared a few ashes across my face, tied a bandana around my head and took a long pole and tied a bundle of old clothes in it and slung it over my shoulder.  As I got older, I managed to avoid Halloween parties all together.  I didn’t like the idea of dressing up and always preferred mom's incredible baked treats to store-bought candies, so Halloween never really excited me.
But as I watched the team at my restaurant, Copita Tequileria y Comida, prepare to celebrate Day of the Dead, I started to take a new fresh look at the holiday.  It also made me think so much about my Dad who passed away two years ago. 

Dia de los Muertos,  or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican Holiday that focuses on celebrating and honoring loved ones that have passed. People in Mexico start preparing for Dia de los Muertos by setting up the alter a day or two in advance- covering a table with a white tablecloth, and on top they place silver crosses, marigolds, candles and photos of their beloved deceased.  
Many family members even place the favorite food and drink of the deceased on the altar as an offering.  While the dead are venerated, the living rejoice with multi-day festivities centered around the home and the table.  Everything has meaning.  Friends and family enter the home and follow the path of marigolds that lead you through the home to the alter and gifts are placed there.   
We’ll be celebrating Dia de Los Muertos again this year with a special menu and the restaurant will be filled with a beautiful alter and marigolds from our organic garden, just up the hill in Sausalito.  Come join us at Copita for some of our favorite fall recipes to celebrate lost loved ones this weekend:


Pa’los difuntos

organic marigold-infused tequila, California poppy liqueur, cava, marigold petals

tequila blanco, guava, campari, st. germain, lime   

Cuitlacoche Corn Truffle and Cypress Grove Goat Cheese;
Epazote, Chile Serrano and served with a Spicy Tomatillo Salsa

4 Different Pozoles:
Vegetarian, Niman Ranch Pork, Mary’s Farm Chicken, or Mixed Seafood

Mexican Hot Chocolate
Spiced Whipped Cream and Pan de Muerto 

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