Tuesday, January 27, 2009

100% blue agave

I know, I know, I just came out with "Wine Country Cooking!" I love the stuff and think that wine IS food and shouldn't be separated from the whole dining experience. If I hadn't studied cooking, I definitely would have gone to Davis to study oenology! But then again, I also like tequila and my next book is all about the stuff! Yeah, yeah, yeah, you had a bad experience in college and you're never going to touch it again!? Know what? You just drank the wrong tequila! You should have picked up a bottle of 100% blue agave tequila like Partida, 7 Leguas, El Tesoro instead of that caramel colored junk disquised as tequila. Because 100% agave tequila undergoes two distillations, it's one of the purest spirits made. And guess what!? No popping aspirin the next day and no regrets either! You'll remember who drove you home! Pub-date is Cinco de Mayo, also known as the fifth of May, and rumor has it, you can pre-order on Amazon and you'll get it much before Joey, your tequila-lovin' neighbor down the street. Thirty-five cocktails from the very best tequila bartenders in the country and twenty-five recipes for food, all containing tequila. Check out the photo of my research! (I love my job!) Williams-Sonoma bought 10,000 advance copies. This is going to be a big one! So, what are you waiting for?