Friday, January 29, 2016

Cauliflower Makes The New York Times!

I was sitting on the beach sipping a margarita in Isla Mujeres, Mexico and The New York Times called and asked for a recipe.  It turns out that roasting whole vegetables, like cauliflower, is trending and Julia Moskin was writing a piece about it.  She knew that I had a ridiculously easy, but totally delicious recipe for a whole roasted cauliflower in my new book, Kitchen Gypsy, and wanted to feature it.  

It wasn’t easy to switch gears, put down my margarita and talk winter vegetables but what could I do?  It was The New York Times!

Photo by Thomas J. Story, curtesy of Sunset Magazine
The inspiration for the recipe came from a dish I’d had years ago in France, but this version packs a lot more flavor than the mild, steamed concoction introduced to me then.  I decided to go with a simple roasting method, basting it a bit with olive oil and then dousing it with an herb, garlic and anchovy sauce called an "anchoiade".  It's so simple, yet incredibly delicious!

Long story short, the recipe for my Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Anchoiade, as well as a neat how-to video are online at The New York Times!  Click here to get the recipe and read all about it!

Now, back to those margaritas...