Friday, February 21, 2014

What’s Better Than a Girls Night?

Agave Girls Night! 

It all started years ago, when I was invited to the launch of a new tequila in a sexy square bottle at the infamous Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco.  The place was hopping!  As I looked around the room (filled mostly by men), I observed the camaraderie among these tequila aficionados.  But as I looked closer, I noticed a few women who were enthusiastically swirling and sipping and savoring tequila from snifters.  It was a revelation: Women are as passionate about tequila as men!   I banded together with the ladies that night and decided to start a group called the “Agave Girls”, for women who appreciate tequila. Ay caramba... it took off! Ten Speed Press asked me to write a book about tequila.  Featuring food recipes and cocktails from the best bartenders in the country, this meant lots of tequila research!   
All of this led to the margarita challenge with restaurateur, Larry Mindel, and the rest is history.

My restaurant, Copita!

It had been a while since the Agave Girls gathered together, and I thought we were overdue for a reunion.  So, last week, we made it happen.  Thirty women met at my restaurant, Copita Tequilaria y Comida!  Jaques Bezuidenhout from Partida Tequila got things started with a "Dr. T", a refreshing cocktail made of Partida Blanco, Dr. Loosen Riesling, lemon and agave nectar and a hint of Laphroaig 10yr single malt.  Delicious!  Then Chef Gonzalo and the team brought out shrimp tacos ingeniously wrapped in jicama tortillas with a lime tartar sauce.  Outstanding!  

Everyone sat down to a flight of Partida tequilas and we had a lesson in tequila production and aging while the cooks created our next courses.  Then came the cocktail to end all cocktails:  the Partida Ruby, a surprising concoction of Anejo Tequila, Ruby Port, cinnamon-chili agave nectar and lemon juice.  Everyone said “This tastes like the best Christmas present!”  From Fried Oyster Tacos,  Duck Confit Tacos with Tamarind Mole to Goat Birria, everything paired well with tequila (arguably, the most food-friendly spirit there is!). 

We finished up with  Dulce de Leche Mexican Coke Floats, Coconut Flan and  Cara Cara Granita.  The show stopper was the final glass of Partida Elegante.  Rumor has it, it’s $350.00 if you want to spring for a bottle.  Better yet, join us at the next Agave Girls event on none other than tax day, April 15!

Can't wait to see you ladies there*!

*Contact Copita to reserve your space.

Copita Tequileria y Comida

Address: 739 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965
Phone:(415) 331-7400

Friday, February 14, 2014


Warm Strawberry Soufflé

Love is like Food

“Love is like Food.  There is a hunger in our hearts that needs it.  There are as many flavors as there are people.  For love is practically everyone’s favorite dish…  If you take your time, work hard, and keep it fresh, you will have a true masterpiece.  You will have true love.”  -Kasey Szamatul

Happy Valentine's Day!

PS  Find recipes for the Warm Strawberry Soufflé pictured above and more here: