Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kitchen Gypsy

Nineteen months in the making.  

Weeks spent combing through boxes of family photos and recipes from my great grandmother, Lettie, and the places where my cooking career began.  

14 days spent with 12 talented people shooting photos in 9 different locations. 
Hours of measuring, testing, tasting, re-testing and re-tasting. 
Writing until midnight and making countless edits.

A few tears shed, but many more smiles and several bursts of honest-to-goodness laughter.
This has been a passion project for me and finally, it’s almost ready...  

All 288 pages with 100 new recipes, 250 gorgeous full-color photographs and most importantly, stories and memories about the people, places and flavors that have inspired me through the years...

My new book is almost done!!!

(Oxmoor House; September, 2015) 

Writing this book has been one of the absolute best experiences of my life and I can’t wait to share it with you.  Get ready.  You’ll definitely want to get into the kitchen and cook up a storm with this book!   A world of thanks to my friends at Sunset MagazineTime Home Entertainment and Oxmoor House for making this happen.

Click here and pre-order your copy today!


Mortar and pestle said...

Love your books and PBS shows. Please check your book for the mistake many editors miss: the incorrect use of "mortar and pestle." It is wrong to say something is made IN a mortar and pestle. It is made IN a mortar WITH a pestle. Otherwise it is like saying "chop it on a board and knife" instead of saying "on a board with a knife." Yes, this misunderstanding of what a pestle is (the thing you pound with) and/or how to speak of the mortar (container that holds the thing being pounded) is pervasive and should be corrected. I have noticed you make this mistake and since I would like to see you stop this embarrasing use of "mortar and pestle," I thought it time to point it out to you. Please appreciate my directness since my aim is to be helpful, not critical.

Linda Kunsman said...

what incredibly exciting news!!! I have fallen in love with not only your PBS shows, but your style of cooking, AND the guests you have had on 'Cooking Confidence'...not to mention your infectious personality:)

Joanne Weir said...

Thanks Mortar and pestle. You will be thrilled with my new book Kitchen Gypsy because I don't make that mistake. Thanks for pointing it out.

And Linda, thanks for your sweet comment! I am so happy you like my show. Check out my book that's coming out September 15. I've written a lot of books but this was a true passion project.

Thanks you, thank you to both of you!

Unknown said...

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pheobe22 said...

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